The Fuck Hole !

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I am a FAGGOT simply. I was born to SERVE. I am proud to be member of #BBBH #TEAMBOTTOM #WHORE Still in training SLRN : 329-218-435
- Now on faceboom slaveboi.jay

Anonymous asked: Hi, I love your blog. I'm a straight man (98%). However sometimes I fuck dudes. Not because I'm that much into men. I like the diversity. I like to dominate them. To just call one, when I'm in the mood to get my dick sucked. I like how they whimper when I use them for my own pleasure. And I like how they thank me for the treatment and willingly waiting for a call to be fucked again.


Thank you for be honest… It nice top hear that us FAGGOTS are being useful and pleasing the Alpha Male… 

If you ever need a hole to fuck I wish I could be there for you some time. 

Thank you - The FUCKHOLE

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